Greater Lawrence Community Action Council, Inc

GLCAC Launches Healthy Homes Program

Tuesday, Oct 15, 2019

The Greater Lawrence Community Action Council, Inc. has launched a new program to help clients be safer and healthier in their homes.

The Healthy Homes program will help identify potential hazards inside a home that could lead to illness or injury, and offer solutions. The program is funded by a grant from the Essex County Community Foundation.

“We are extremely grateful for ECCF’s support, which is allowing us to pilot the Healthy Homes program,’’ said Evelyn Friedman, executive director of GLCAC. “By working with clients to identify health hazards, we hope to make their homes safer and more secure for the families.”

Through the program, clients who are receiving home visits from GLCAC, such as for fuel assistance, WIC parenting education program and others, will receive an assessment and audit of their homes.

GLCAC staff will use a Healthy Homes checklist to determine if there are any hazards such as mold, lead, blocked entries or hallways, poor food storage, a lack of heat, or non-working smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

If hazards are identified, GLCAC will work with clients to resolve the issues and educate them about ways to maintain a healthy home environment.

GLCAC will also provide clients with basic materials such as wall-outlet covers, cabinet locks, power strips, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and first aid kits.

More complex issues such as serious code violations or dangerous living conditions will be further reviewed to determine how to provide additional assistance or support if needed.

The grant will allow GLCAC to conduct as many as 40 home assessments. GLCAC eventually hopes to expand the pilot program to help even more families.

GLCAC is a multi-faceted social services agency that assisted 32,648 individuals in 2018 through a range of programs including early childhood education, fuel assistance, WIC nutrition assistance, immigration services, lead poisoning prevention, child abuse prevention, English-language lessons, and consumer protection.


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