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Merrimack Valley Lead Poisoning Prevention Program

Our Services

  • Comprehensive case management (home visiting, assessment, referrals, and water-sampling) for families referred to us by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.
  • Informing property owners of available financial assistance in removing lead.
  • Teaching property owners about their responsibility to provide lead-safe environments for children.
  • Public outreach and education.

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Lead Poisoning Can Be Prevented

  • Lead poisoning in infants and children is a very serious problem. Elevated levels of lead in the blood can result in learning disabilities, behavioral problems, and in the cases of very high levels, can cause seizures, coma, and death.
  • The good news is lead poisoning can be prevented. Children are exposed to lead in their environment, most often at home. By removing lead from in and around homes and testing children for lead, we can prevent poisoning.

Test Every Child

In Massachusetts, every child must be tested for lead annually at the following ages:

  • 9-12 months old
  • 2 years old
  • 3 years old
  • 4 years old if the child is living in a high-risk community, like Lawrence, Lowell, Lynn, Chelsea, Everett, or Malden

Ask your doctor about testing your child for lead.

Children must be tested for lead before they begin kindergarten.

Potential Sources of Lead


Finding and Removing Lead 

To find information about your home’s lead history, please try using the Lead 2.0 Database.

For more information about deleading financial assistance available in your area, please contact us, or contact the Lead Abatement Program located in your city, using the information below:
Lawrence Lead Abatement Program (978) 620-3510
Lynn Lead Abatement Program (781) 581-8618
Malden Lead Abatement Program (781) 397-1940



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