Greater Lawrence Community Action Council, Inc

Frequently Asked Questions


Important Message for Gas Customers


This is an important message for anyone affected by the gas outage impacting areas of Lawrence, Andover and North Andover.

1.      Are you living in the area affected by the natural gas outage? 

2.      Are you temporarily heating with electricity until the gas heating system is turned back on?

3.      Have you been qualified to receive fuel assistance from GLCAC?

If you have answered yes to all three questions, you may be eligible to have fuel assistance applied to pay a portion of your electric bill.  Please contact GLCAC’s Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program for more information at (978) 681-4950.  You will be asked to read and sign a consent letter authorizing GLCAC to make payments to your electric account and provide a copy of a recent electric bill.  Please read the consent letter closely and be sure to fully understand the terms and conditions prior to signing.

Why did I get turned down for LIHEAP assistance?

The reason that you were turned down for LIHEAP assistance is that you failed to meet eligibility guidelines established by the Department of Housing and Community Development OR you failed to provide all the documentation required to establish eligibility.

How does GLCAC make decisions about who gets assistance and who does not?

We do not make the decision about who gets assistance. Eligibility guidelines are established by the state. GLCAC, Inc. MUST and does provide LIHEAP assistance to all clients who meet eligibility guidelines as funding allows.

Why do some people who seem richer than me get assistance when I do not?

Because they have proven that they meet state and federal eligibility guidelines. Perception can be misleading.

How do I know that GLCAC is administering the LIHEAP program fairly?

We are constantly monitored by state and federal program representatives. We submit detailed reports monthly, and each year our records are reviewed. To date we have always met or exceeded expectations.

How much discretion do LIHEAP program managers have about who gets assistance?

LIHEAP Program managers have no discretion about who gets assistance. Every person that meets state and federal eligibility guidelines MUST be provided assistance, as funding allows.

What can I do if I’m not happy about the GLCAC, Inc.’s denial of my application?

First you have the right to appeal to GLCAC Inc. for a re-examination of your application. If you are not satisfied, you can then apply in writing to the State of Massachusetts Department of Housing and Community Development Department for a review. If still unhappy, you then could seek a judicial review at the state level. Each denial letter includes a description of the entire appeal process.

How many people does GLCAC serve in the LIHEAP program?

In Fiscal Year 2013, we took in over 11,000 applications and provided heating payment assistance to 8,000 households which qualified for the program. While we support families from 6 greater Lawrence communities, in Lawrence itself we support 1 out of every 5 families. Our support is helpful to many.

How does our LIHEAP program compare to others in Massachusetts?

GLCAC’s LIHEAP program is administered exactly the same as all 22 other programs in the state.

How much of the government money that GLCAC receives for the LIHEAP Program do they keep for themselves?

We receive 8% of the total funding for program administration and general support, a number set by the state. Many nonprofits spend up to 10% on administration costs. 

Has anyone at GLCAC connected to the LIHEAP program been arrested or charged with wrongdoing?

We are proud to say that since the inception of the program, there has not been a single LIHEAP program person arrested or charged with wrongdoing.

If I’m unhappy about the way I’ve been treated at GLCAC who can I tell?

You can call or write to the LIHEAP Program Director, Linda Soucy, 305 Essex Street, Lawrence, MA 01840, 978-681-4950

If I’m happy about my treatment at GLCAC who do I tell?

We would be happy to hear from you. It would also be helpful for you to call or write:

Department of Housing and Community Development
Community Services Division
100 Cambridge Street, Suite 300
Boston, MA 02114